Lead Management Companies Integrate Dialing Solutions

Loan professionals have been quickly adopting the latest on-demand software solutions to improve their sales effectiveness. Five9, the leader in on-demand call center software, and Leads360, the leader in on-demand sales lead management software, formally announced their completed integration today. Leads360 and Five9 now work seamlessly together to underpin the most sophisticated, proven, and effective sales approaches in a variety of industries including insurance sales, mortgage, debt settlement, mortgage modification and more. “As we began to accumulate mutual clients, we decided to collaborate with Five9 to create a superior level of integration,” said Dan Morefield, CEO of Leads360. “After seeing the final result of our integration, I have no doubt that we have created the most powerful and user-friendly sales solution on the market.”

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In the past, the cost of purchasing and integrating predictive dialer technology and lead management software was something that required a lot of up-front capital investment in premise-based software and hardware, and long implementation cycles. This forced many mortgage companies, insurance agencies, and other B2C sales businesses to rely on ineffective manual processes. “Five9 and Leads360 have partnered to create an affordable and effective integrated sales solution that has proven to drastically increase the effectiveness of sales agents,” said Mike Burkland, CEO of Five9. “It’s nearly impossible for an inbound or outbound B2C sales team to survive without implementing these technologies and implementing them in an integrated and synchronized way.”  Read the complete story online >

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