Lending Tree Matches Lead Planet with Mortgage Lender Exchange

Over the last several months, Lending Tree has announced several new mortgage lender products and tools for brokers and lenders of their Lender Exchange. Mortgage brokers and lenders continue to seek quality mortgage leads from trusted companies and they are now able to compete for consumers who are reverse mortgage prospects, as well as those looking for FHA loans. The LendingTree recently launched a simplified filtering technology similar to the Mortgage Lead Vault that ensures lenders easier access to target customers for increasing closing ratios that convert more prospects to borrowers.


Nation’s leading mortgage lead generation company, Lending Tree, announced they were adding 50 new mortgage lenders in 2009 and remains focused on FHA, refinance and loan modification leads.  Throughout 2009, as mortgage rates have remained at historic lows, LendingTree has helped hundreds of thousands of high-quality loan applicants get matched with up to 4 banks or mortgage companies in an effort to compete for the borrower’s mortgage business. Now the lead generation company is seeking for more home loan lenders to join its exchange and begin working with Lending Tree’s pre-qualified prospective borrowers. Besides the live transfer leads from the Lead Planet, the Lending Tree has been looking for market-share in the mortgage marketing sector of the home financing industry.

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