Lead Planet Announces New Email Marketing

Lead Planet Systems here has released Lead Gen09, which includes an option to purchase e-mail marketing tailored to advertise specific loan programs to new or old mortgage leads.  This system enables mortgage lenders and brokers to offer new loan programs to consumers searching for the right mortgage profesional online.

The mortgage lead generation company said Lead Gen09 is the mortgage industry’s technology solution prospect and borrower marketing.  It is common for loan companies to contact a lead who is interested but for whatever reason never materializes into a new submission or funding. 

The looks to add their email marketing system to their internet mortgage lead system that aggregates mortgage lead from search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo. This new marketing tool allows mortgage companies to take advantage of email marketing for mortgage lead generation and sales communication without having to invest in additional software solutions.  To help develop this new marketing function, Lead Planet expanded their programming team in an effort to roll out this new email marketing system for brokers, lenders and loan officers across the country. 

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At first E-mail marketing may seem to be a very difficult and costly form of advertising, but if you hire a professional like Nationwide to manage you E-mail marketing campaigns you will see a significant rise in sales leads. – J Taylor, Nationwide