Lead Planet Connects Mortgage Leads to Leads360

In an effort to help loan professional get an edge in the mortgage industry, the Lead Planet announced a plan to provide their clients buying debt settlement and mortgage leads by announcing full integration with the popular lead management company, Leads360.  The company believes that streamlining lead management is a critical part of the equation for success in today’s challenging mortgage climate.

According to Lead Planet, national sales manager, Scott, “It’s hard enough to get loan approved today in this complex mortgage environment, so anyway avenue that our lead generation company could take to help increase the conversion rates on our leads needed to be explored.”  Scott continued, “Loan officers and brokers need good quality leads combined with an efficient leads management system and that is what the Lead Planet and Leads360 bring to the table.” 

The Lead Planet offer quality mortgage leads like, FHA, VA, conventional, mortgage refinance, purchase, debt settlement and loan modification leads.  For more information visit us online at www.leadplanet.com or call 888-271-9581.

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