Mortgage Lead Technology

The Lead Planet believes that lenders and brokers can benefit by incorporating the latest technology with their mortgage marketing efforts.  The mortgage lead generation industry saw the latest technology at the LeadsCon conference in Las Vegas.  With the mortgage qualifying efforts more challenging than ever, it is imperative that loan companies learn to buy qualified mortgage leads and then track the communication between the applicant and loan officer to maximize loan origination.

3 Ways to Maximize Internet Mortgage Leads

  • Tips from lead generation experts and how their successful clients are leveraging new technology?
  • Improve lead management with better lead tracking systems integrated with intelligence, and live transfer mortgage leads
  • Increase lead conversion rates for purchase and refinance leads

Watch this free webinar sponsored by Leads360 led by trusted lead technology companies. Now is the time to improve your lead tracking system and take advantage of new break-through technology.   Call the Lead Planet today and find out how integrating a lead management system like leads360 can improve your conversion rates for online mortgage leads.

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