Tips for Buying Internet Mortgage Leads

It is no secret that the mortgage industry has been battered in recent years, so buying mortgage leads has become more important than ever for loan companies across the nation. Banks and lenders have tightened their loan guidelines significantly recently, so you need to consider that choosing your filters for internet mortgage leads

Great Tips for Online Mortgage Leads

1.  Make sure that your LTV filters are in line with the loan programs you offer

2.  Consider buying “Fair credit” leads if they are discounted. (Credit is subjective and some fair credit leads will turn out to be good credit)

3.  Buy mortgage leads in as many states as you are licensed in

4.  Negotiate a Volume Discount

5.  Manage the leads you distribute to your team and hold each person accountable

  The Lead Planet offers a variety of online mortgage leads. Choose from the following:

  • FHA Leads
  • Refinance Leads
  • Home Loan Leads
  • Streamline Leads
  • Loan Modification Leads
  • VA Leads
  • Home Equity Leads
  • Debt Leads
  • Live Transfer Leads

    Savvy loan shops like online mortgage leads because they are cost-effective and perform well when buying leads from a direct lead provider, like the Lead Planet.   Companies get in trouble when they start dabbling in buying cheap mortgage leads from brokers who resell old leads.  In some cases, lead brokers have sold each mortgage lead 15 times.  You can imagine how irrated these consumers would be getting calls from 15 loan officers.  Needless to say, buying mortgage marketing from company that generates their own leads is worth the investment.

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