Best Mortgage Lead Generator

By · February 9, 2011 · Filed in Lead Generation News, Lead Planet News

One of the goals of most brokers and lenders is to allign themselves with the best mortgage lead generator on the internet.  Loan professionals like internet mortgage leads because the conversion rates are pretty good and mortgage executives like them because they are cost-effective and easy to access.  Direct mail and TV campaigns take weeks or months to generate leads and there is no room for error, because TV and mail are expensive types of mortgage marketing.

The Lead Planet has been generating mortgage leads online since 1999. 

According to Lead Planet founder, Bryan Dornan, “We have become one of the best mortgage lead generators because we understand the needs and niches of lenders and we operate several hundred mortgage websites that rank high on the search engines.”  Our most popular mortgage lead generation programs are the exclusive mortgage lead packages in which loan companies purchase a block of leads in advance that meet their filters.  As the leads come in the company receives fresh live transfers or online mortgage leads.  We also offer mortgage SEO solutions for companies that need help getting their websites ranked higher.   The Lead Planet is the best way to invest in internet mortgage marketing, so call 619-600-5780 for a free consultation.

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