Mortgage Leads and Loan Originators Keys to Success

By · December 12, 2011 · Filed in Lead Generation News

In most cases the two most driving factors in loan companies succeeding in today’s market are mortgage leads and loan origination. You need good leads and solid loan originators to succeed. In the past lenders needed niches to succeed but in todays market there are very few options. Most lenders and brokers are selling conventional and FHA home loans. Since everyone is selling basically the same loan product it is more important than ever to buy quality mortgage leads.

The Lead Planet has been helping loan shops with mortgage marketing since 1999. We generate fresh internet mortgage leads for all types’ finance companies.

  • FHA Leads
  • VA Leads
  • Conventional Leads
  • Jumbo Leads
  • Home Equity Leads
  • HARP Leads
  • Refinance Leads
  • Purchase Leads

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