Higher Contact Rates with Online Mortgage Leads Generated from a Direct Source

Have you been searching mortgage leads online that have not been sold too many times? Many loan professionals get frustrated with internet mortgage leads because they often get an angry response from an applicant that has been contacted too many times.  Many lead companies get greedy and sell their leads ten to twenty times.  So many lenders are advertising a “no cost mortgage”, how do you separate yourself from other loan companies and earn the prospect’s business? We suggest getting a hold of the loan applicant first and making a good impression.

At the lead Planet we never sell our home loan or refinance leads more than three times.  Our policy is to sell our online mortgage leads one to three times. Of course if we are selling a client an exclusive mortgage lead, then it is only sold once.

We generate leads ourselves with our proprietary websites and they perform significantly better leads that were purchased from a broker. When you buy leads from a broker you never really know how many times the leads have been sold. We offer both semi and exclusive mortgage lead programs that have been helping loan shops fund mortgages since 1999. Our unique system connects potential borrowers who are searching online for loan programs and lending professionals.

Why is the contact rate so important?  The bottom line is that high contact rates will increase your cost to funding ratio and raise the morale of your loan officers as well. The contact rate on our leads averages above 80%.  Our mortgage lead generation team can create a marketing strategy that works with your budget and production goals.

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