About Us

Lead Planet is a trusted direct lead company that produces all types of debt and mortgage leads in-house.  We connect eager homeowners with mortgage lenders, brokers and loan officers in all 50 states. The Lead Planet Company generates thousands of debt, mortgage and loan modification leads to lending professionals each month.  At Lead Planet, our focus is to connect interested and motivated applicants with mortgage companies quickly. Lead buyers can chose from real-time internet leads to live transfer and direct mail leads whether you need mortgage relief, foreclosure, or debt consolidation leads, leads.  Ask your account executive if there is any opening for our increasingly popular lead specials targeting FHA mortgage leads.

Our primary goal is to offer you cost effective mortgage leads that will increase your closings! Our Exclusive Lead Generation technology provides customized filters that meet the needs the national mortgage lenders, net branches and small “Mom and Pop” brokers. Our lead system is automated to maximize quality mortgage leads to provide a quick return on investment for mortgage companies buying our leads.  Lead Planet has achieved successful search engine results for over 100 highly ranked mortgage, debt consolidation, and loan modification sites.  Mortgage leads filter into a proprietary database that sorts and delivers you fresh leads that achieve higher conversion ratios.

Our custom lead process begins, with the filters that you and your account executive create and configure into our database, so the sorting of sale leads can begin. At this point, the applicant completes our simple quick quote form or internet loan application and if their data meets your criteria then you will be notified that mortgage applicants are awaiting you call. Our online lead system enables mortgage companies to select loan type, credit type, state, minimum loan amounts, LTV, etc.