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LeadsOutlet Chooses the Lead Planet for Mortgage Marketing

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Lead Planet, direct lead generation company that specializes in online mortgage marketing and real-time mortgage leads, announced today a strategic relationship with Leads Outlet, a mortgage lead facilitator that connects loan applicants with lenders across the United States.

After considering several lead generation companies, the LeadsOutlet chose the Lead Planet. According to a spokesman at the Leads Outlet, “After reviewing several proposals from several prominent lead aggregators, we picked the Lead Planet because of their significant market share in the natural search engine rankings. The bottom line is that consumers are finding the Lead Planet’s mortgage websites using the natural algorithm of Bing, Google and Yahoo at a high volume on a regular basis.” They have their mortgage lead generation system wired for optimal success.

The Lead Planet has the ability to refer us thousands of loan applicants daily seamlessly with premiere mortgage lenders that look to earn the borrower’s home financing business. 24 hours a day, loan applicants visit Lead Planet properties online and we are in a position to help the consumers improve their rates and loan terms because of our strong relationships with banks and lending companies nationally.  Consumers who search for popular home loan related terms on the search engines continue to be drawn to the Lead Planet and their contact rate continues to lead the nation as applicants are less harassed because the company does not sell their mortgage leads too many times like many of the competitive lead generation companies do.  If you are a lender or broker and you are interested in mortgage advertising solutions, then you can contact the Lead Planet directly at 888-271-9581


Mortgage Websites and SEO

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For a lot of brokers and lenders setting up a mortgage website and hiring the SEO has been a thorn in their side.  The fact is that high percentage of loan companies getting burned on mortgage SEO.

What is Mortgage SEO?

Mortgage SEO is the process of programming your website so that the serach engines rank it high naturally. Sounds easy? SEO is a unique marketing skill that not many people have in the mortgage industry. Unfortunately like many doctors and lawyers, lenders get rolled by flaky web-designers and “wanna-be” SEO gurus that claim to be experts in the field of mortgage optimization.

Increase Traffic Naturally on the Search Engines with our Proven Mortgage SEO Strategies

- Professional Mortgage Website Design

- Enhance Company Reputation

- Get Ranked on the Major Search Engines

- Generate Exclusive Leads on Your Site

Mortgage SEO Solutions

Did you know that the Lead Planet has developed and optimized thousands of mortgage websites since 1999? Did you know that we continue to manage mortgage websites that are generating thousands of quality refinance and purchase leads?

The Lead Planet is widely considered an expert for internet mortgage marketing and lead generation. Our mortgage SEO team can help improve your website’s architecture, web-design, landing pages and much more.

Our SEO team will develop an online marketing strategy that will increase lead generation and conversion rates so you can close more loans each month. For a Free Mortgage SEO Evaluation, Call 888-271-9581.


Buying Home Loan Leads in California

The real estate market in California has really taken a beating in the past few years, but lenders continue to purchase California mortgage leads.  Whispers go up and down the coast that the purchase market is starting to show signs of real life. Many real estate experts are starting to see some area’s prices stabilizing. Many homeowners are looking for ways to refinance their loans to get their payments at a more manageable level. Some who do not currently own a home are looking for lenders willing to loan them money to buy their first home. This is why many are buying home loan leads in California. They are looking for people who need help with their homes and mortgages.

You will find it’s very difficult to refinance homes in the high cost areas of the Golden State, even though California mortgage rates have fallen to all-time lows. So many homes have mortgages on them that are higher than their current real estate value. Many homeowners are stuck in a house they no longer want. They do not have the ability to pay the difference between what they could actually sell their home for and the amount of their mortgage. Some are choosing to walk away and take a hit to their credit. For those staying, the ability to refinance offers them a way to bring their payments down to a reasonable amount. These situations open up opportunities for those into buying zero down home loan leads in California.  The Lead Planet concurs that purchase leads are a hot commodity in 2011.

Get the Best California Mortgage Leads for Home Financing and Refinancing Online

You can get quality California mortgage leads. Many companies offer you a list of names and contact information that looks good on the surface. Then, you have your customer service people start making phone calls. They get a bunch of disconnected numbers and people saying they have no interest in mortgage information. Your leads turn into duds quickly. However, you will find quality leads are possible. You need a company that screens their mortgage leads carefully before making them available. Turn your experience of buying California mortgage leads from a negative to a positive.

Time means everything when buying California mortgage leads. You need a lead that is as fresh as possible. If even a few days pass between the points where a person requests information and the time your customer service representative call that person, their interests may have changed. If you can grab that information and get your person talking with the potential customer quickly, you stand a far better chance of closing the deal. If you want quality California leads, use your head.


Why Mortgage Leads in Less Popular States Have a Better Conversion Rate

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Real estate prices in California and New York average the highest in the United States.  Mortgage lead buyers should realize that mortgage companies around the country are buying leads in popular states like California and New York.  These lead markets are very packed, so competition is high.  Buying leads in less popular states like Texas, Georgia, Ohio and Pennsylvania usually have a higher conversion rate than in the popular states because competition is less, and therefore reselling of the leads happens less often.  California mortgage leads can be picked over and resold many times.  There are still many lucrative Texas mortgage leads, but they are less popular and therefore offer a higher conversion rate.  Georgia mortgage leads are a bargain because there are many draws for people to move to the state but the leads have not become popular yet.

California mortgage leads versus Texas mortgage leads and Georgia mortgage leads can still bring great profits, but mortgage lead buyers should realize that mortgage companies around the country are buying leads in popular states like California and New York far more often. So, buying leads in less popular states like Texas, Georgia, Ohio and Pennsylvania usually have a higher conversion rate than in the popular states.  Nationwide mortgage companies can increase number of sales by targeting less popular states in their lead buying.

Because buying leads in less popular states like Texas, Georgia, Ohio and Pennsylvania usually have a higher conversion rate than in the popular states, you can save money because a higher percentage of purchased leads are making you money.  Mortgage lead buyers should realize that mortgage companies around the country are buying leads in popular states like California and New York, so New York and California mortgage leads will more often fail when compared to Texas mortgage leads and Georgia mortgage leads.

Mortgage lead buyers should realize that mortgage companies around the country are buying leads in popular states like California and New York from lead generation companies and lead brokers on the internet and who get leads through direct mail, TV, and radio.  Buying leads in less popular states like Texas, Georgia, Ohio and Pennsylvania usually have a higher conversion rate than in the popular states is improved even more by purchasing only from mortgage lead companies who generate their own leads and send them to you in real time.  California mortgage leads, Texas mortgage leads, and Pennsylvania mortgage leads are all easier to convert the quicker you get them.


US Credit Rating Downgraded but Mortgage Rates Fall

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The first-ever cut in the US credit rating has initially caused the home loan rate to drop even slightly below last week’s lows. The US credit rating was lowered from an AAA rating to an AA+ with a negative outlook from the Standard and Poor Company. Unfortunately the long term outlook on the mortgage industry is that the down-graded credit rating will cause a jump in rates. If you need a 100% mortgage, we suggest discussing your goals with several experienced lenders.

The Dow Jones industrials fell 634.76 points. It was the sixth worst point decline for the Dow in the last 112 years and the worst one-day drop since December 2008. Every stock in the Standard & Poor’s 500 index declined Monday.  Investors worried about the slowing U.S. economy, escalating debt problems threatening Europe and the prospect that fear in the markets would reinforce it, as it did during the financial crisis in the fall of 2008.


5 Ways to Compare Mortgage Lead Generation Companies

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With profits margins shrinking for loan origination, it is imperative to buy internet mortgage leads with authority from trusted mortgage lead generation companies that have a proven track record. You need to connect with a mortgage lead company that understands your niches in addition to having the ability to supply you with the volumes and loan types you need. If you specialize in home loans for first-time home buyers, then make sure the companies you are considering provide purchase money leads. Find out who has the best reputation for quality leads?  Compare lead companies for internet mortgage leads and usually it’s optimal to work with several good companies like the Lead Planet, Lending Tree, etc. Try and avoid spending your entire marketing budget with one company.

1. Ask your colleagues and mortgage professionals that you respect to uncover potential lead sources with verified reputations.  Sometimes you may find out who has the best reputation for quality leads through online reviews of internet mortgage leads, but consider the reviews with a grain of salt.  When you ask around, inquire about price (compare exclusive and non-exclusive prices), customer service, lead quality, and return policy.  Find out who has the best reputation for quality leads through experiences.

2.  Investigate mortgage marketing opportunities and shop lead companies.  Go to the website and ask about their lead generation process, the return policy, prices, and services.  As you shop lead companies, keep track of each one’s answers.

3.  One of the most important factors when you shop lead companies is to make sure you are working with a direct lead generator.  Avoid lead brokers who resell purchased leads.   A major factor in lead quality is the speed with which you follow up on the lead.  When you make sure you are working with a direct lead generator and avoid lead brokers, you are working right with the source of the leads.  See how fast they get the leads to you after you make sure you are working with a direct lead generator.  If you can follow a lead right away, you have less competition and are more likely to avert the potential clients from changing their minds.  Ask specific questions about lead generation to avoid lead brokers.  Make sure you are working with a direct lead generator, where leads are acquired through the internet, direct mail, TV, or radio.

4.  Verify how many time leads are sold and compare exclusive and non-exclusive prices.

Now that you know to avoid lead brokers, verify how many time leads are sold and compare exclusive and non-exclusive prices of the companies that are left on your list.  Leads can be exclusive, or sold only once.  When you verify how many time leads are sold, you can decide whether you want to pay for non-exclusive or exclusive-mortgage leads.  The cost of non-exclusive leads can vary quite a bit, so it pays to verify how many time leads are sold that are labeled non-exclusive.  If a lead is generated online with integrity and sold 2 or 3 times then the chances are good for you to get a solid return on investment.  If the mortgage lead is sold four times or more, then you will likely have a lower application to funding ratio.

5.  Internet mortgage leads are often the most cost-effective and plentiful.  By choosing to work with good companies like the Lead Planet, Lending Tree, etc, you help ensure that you avoid fraudulent websites.  Work with good companies like the Lead Planet, Lending Tree, etc to get internet mortgage leads for a large market.  Choosing to work with experienced lead generation companies like the Lead Planet will enhance your marketing results because you will close more refinance and purchase loans cost-effectively. Scott Deal, the National Sales Mgr. at the Lead Planet said, “Buying quality leads with the right approach is critical for achieving results.” Deal recommends taking advantage of your account manager’s knowledge because you might get some fresh perspectives that increase loan sales without breaking the bank.


Lower Mortgage Rates Driving Loan Applications Higher

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Freddie Mac reported yesterday that the average rate on fixed rate 30-year home loans fell to 4.63 % for the week. That is the lowest conventional and FHA rates we have reported since December 9, 2010.  The Mortgage Bankers Association’s weekly report noted that home refinancing activity spiked 9% last week mostly because of the availability of lower interest rates for homeowners that were not able to refinance last year when mortgage refinance rates fell to record lows. MBA also indicated that the purchase loan volume increased 6.7%.  Read the original article > Home Loan Rates Drop to 5 Month Low.


Purchase Lead Options Surge Mortgage Marketing Online

Brokers and lenders across the country have shifted their focus to purchase mortgages in 2011.  In an effort to meet the growing demand of purchase leads, the Lead Planet has increased their lead generation campaigns online to connect home buying prospects with loan professionals.  More an more renters are looking for purchase mortgages.

We have increased the purchase lead volume 13% this year and our team will continue to produce quality internet mortgage leads.  As one of the fastest growing mortgage lead generators, we pride ourselves in matching interested loan applicants with competitive lenders and brokers.

Choose from the following home loan lead types:

  • First Time Home Buyer Leads
  • FHA Mortgage Leads
  • VA Home Loan Leads
  • Conventional Mortgage Leads
  • Jumbo Loan Leads

Take advantage of our purchase lead incentives and get 20% of your first order. (Minimum order is 100 leads)
Call 619-600-5720 to get more info on buying mortgage leads and setting up filters to meet your company’s needs.


Best Mortgage Lead Generator

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One of the goals of most brokers and lenders is to allign themselves with the best mortgage lead generator on the internet.  Loan professionals like internet mortgage leads because the conversion rates are pretty good and mortgage executives like them because they are cost-effective and easy to access.  Direct mail and TV campaigns take weeks or months to generate leads and there is no room for error, because TV and mail are expensive types of mortgage marketing.

The Lead Planet has been generating mortgage leads online since 1999. 

According to Lead Planet founder, Bryan Dornan, “We have become one of the best mortgage lead generators because we understand the needs and niches of lenders and we operate several hundred mortgage websites that rank high on the search engines.”  Our most popular mortgage lead generation programs are the exclusive mortgage lead packages in which loan companies purchase a block of leads in advance that meet their filters.  As the leads come in the company receives fresh live transfers or online mortgage leads.  We also offer mortgage SEO solutions for companies that need help getting their websites ranked higher.   The Lead Planet is the best way to invest in internet mortgage marketing, so call 619-600-5780 for a free consultation.


New Loan Compensation Rules

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New loan compensation rules issued by the Federal Reserve Board under the Truth in Lending Act go into effect April 1, 2011.  Effective April Fool’s Day, all mortgage lenders and loan originators are subject to the new rules. Many loan professionals are unhappy about the Dodd-Frank mortgage reform bill.

Overview- The new lending rules prohibit a loan originator from the following:

  • Receiving compensation based on the interest rate or loan terms other than loan amount.
  • Increasing their compensation by raising the consumers’ loan costs – for example by increasing the interest rate.
  • Directing or “steering” a consumer to accept a mortgage loan not in the consumer’s best interest in order to increase the compensation.

These new loan compensation rules allow a loan originator to:

  • Receive payment from the consumer or the lender, but not both.
  • Receive compensation based on a percentage of the loan amount and volume.

Broker Compensation

An overview of how the compensation rules relate to brokers: Broker compensation can be paid as a percentage of the principal mortgage loan with minimum and maximum dollar thresholds. Broker Loan Officer (LO) compensation can vary by LO provided that the compensation model is the same for every transaction originated by that LO. Broker compensation can vary based on geography to allow for differences in the costs of loan origination, such as rent and other overhead expenses. Compensation models can change due to market conditions. The prohibition of paying compensation to loan originator based on loan terms and conditions does not apply to payments that the customer makes directly to a loan originator.