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Cost Effective Marketing with Aged Mortgage Leads

With the expansion of foreclosure prevention and debt relief, the Lead Planet has seen a increased demand for aged mortgage leads. Turn-down leads work very well when using them to sell Loan Modifications, Debt Settlement, Consolidation or Credit Repair. Vintage mortgage leads provide cost effective marketing for many alternative financial companies.  Typically aged leads are 50-60% less expensive than fresh internet mortgage leads

Many successful loan mod companies have been whispering that the best loan modifications leads are aged mortgage leads.  Many loan mod and debt relief firms like buying turn-down leads because they convert well and the sales professional contacting the lead gets to play the role of “Educator” and well as “Problem Solver” and “Sales Person”.  You may be the first person calling them that actually has a solution for this person who has been “turned down.”   YOU not only get to be the sales person providing the solution to the problem, but you also get to be a teacher, an educator.  You provide a solution which, in many cases, the borrower has little to no knowledge even exist.  You know where they are going to turn to next and YOU are already calling them before they hit the search engines looking for your product. You can’t get a better lead than that.”

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