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Jump Start Your Pipeline with the Hot Internet Mortgage Leads

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The Lead Planet has been generating home loan leads online for 13 years. We connect loan prospects with lenders and brokers in all 50 states. Our lead generation system filters the information quickly and then distributes the hot mortgage leads to eager loan companies within our network. Of course, when the lead meets higher criteria for credit, LTV and loan type the more likely you will be to close the loan. We pride ourselves in generating highest quality leads that keep your cost to closing ratio down so you can realize a better return on investment. Our goal is always to maximize your mortgage marketing budget and that is done when we get you leads from qualified borrowers that have a sense of urgency.

We offer a wide variety of online mortgage leads such as:

  • Refinance
  • HARP Leads
  • FHA First Time Home Buyer
  • FHA Refinance
  • VA Loan Leads
  • Home Equity
  • Purchase Money
  • Conforming & Jumbo Leads

Our contact rates have always been the highest in the industry and closing rates have been leading the pack for mortgage marketing companies as well. Choose from semi-exclusive and exclusive lead programs. Call 888-271-9581 and discuss your needs with one of our marketing professionals. The Lead Planet is offering 50 free leads for customers that purchase 100 leads. (refinance and purchase combination)



New Free Mortgage Lead Incentives for Purchase and Refinancing Leads

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The Lead Planet is proud to announce an extension of our Free Mortgage Lead Promotion.  In an effort to help loan companies stimulate their origination in the new year, we have extended the offer for free mortgage leads until January 15th. With mortgage rates falling below 4% on fixed 30-year loans, it’s no surprise that refinance activity continues to rise.  Last week we saw a 12% rise in refinance leads.  Homeowners continue to go online to request help from lenders and brokers to lock into a record low interest rate.

The volume for purchase leads also rose last week as millions of first time home buyers appear ready to join the group of homeowners.  Many renters can save money when buying a home because with 4% home loan interest rates it is very possible to reduce housing expenses.

We are pleased to announce new incentives for new customers who are looking for quality internet mortgage leads from a credible source, like the Lead Planet. If you set up a new account with us buy mortgage leads between now and Januray 15th, you can expect to save money and get more leads for your investment.  We are offering 50 free purchase leads with all 100 lead orders. In addition, we are offering 30 free leads for every 100 refinance leads purchased.

  • Home Purchase Leads
  • Refinancing Leads
  • FHA Leads
  • HARP Leads

Our company has been specializing in internet mortgage marketing since 1999 and we look forward to assisting with lenders and brokers by jump-starting their loan origination throughout the holidays.  National Sales Mgr., said in a recent phone interview, “This is a great opportunity for loan shops to stimulate their activity with our internet leads that convert.”  Call 888-271-9581 to learn more about new incentives or to get started.


Purchase Lead Options Surge Mortgage Marketing Online

Brokers and lenders across the country have shifted their focus to purchase mortgages in 2011.  In an effort to meet the growing demand of purchase leads, the Lead Planet has increased their lead generation campaigns online to connect home buying prospects with loan professionals.  More an more renters are looking for purchase mortgages.

We have increased the purchase lead volume 13% this year and our team will continue to produce quality internet mortgage leads.  As one of the fastest growing mortgage lead generators, we pride ourselves in matching interested loan applicants with competitive lenders and brokers.

Choose from the following home loan lead types:

  • First Time Home Buyer Leads
  • FHA Mortgage Leads
  • VA Home Loan Leads
  • Conventional Mortgage Leads
  • Jumbo Loan Leads

Take advantage of our purchase lead incentives and get 20% of your first order. (Minimum order is 100 leads)
Call 619-600-5720 to get more info on buying mortgage leads and setting up filters to meet your company’s needs.


Free Internet Mortgage Leads for New Accounts

Today, the Lead Planet announced that the direct lead company is rolling out a free mortgage lead promotion for new accounts on Monday, October 25th.  The mortgage marketing company said the initiative is designed to help lending companies fund more loans in slow months like November and December. As the government continues to bail out the banks, the Lead Planet believes that small lenders and mom and pop brokers deserve some assistance as well so we are offering 50 free purchase leads with all 100 lead orders from new accounts. 

With the 100 lead program, new accounts can choose from the following types of internet mortgage leads:

The Lead Planet is excited to partner with lending companies looking for cost-effective internet mortgage leads that convert well.  The Lead Planet Company said that the “50 free lead program” is for a limited time and will be honored until November 15th, 2010.  A company spokesman believes that investing in 100 self-generated leads online is a great way to jump-start a loan company in a struggling economy and housing crisis.


Originate More Loans Buying Purchase and Refinance Leads

I noticed that we have been getting a lot of inquiries for mortgage refinance leads lately.  That is not unusual, because traditional mortgage shops who have been buying internet mortgage leads for years like refinance leads.  That is what they have been originating when rates were higher and that is what they originate today as the interest rates have fallen to record low levels.  No one will argue that low rates are a good time, but refinance guidelines have been tightened more in the last three years than ever before.  A few years ago, millions of borrowers bought their home with a stated income loan, but today lenders are not offering stated income loans so most of these loan applicants are turned down when trying to refinance their mortgage.  Clearly the pool of qualified refinance applicants has shrunk so in most cases loan companies will have to buy more refinance leads to get a qualified borrower. This means higher credit report bills and an increased investment for mortgage marketing. 

Direct mail costs have risen and the return rates have been lower as well.  Many loan companies are surviving with internet mortgage leads, but the companies that seem to be funding the most loans every month are the shops that are buying both purchase and refinance leads.  Many loan officers say they don’t like home purchase leads as much because the prospects are not always ready to buy a home.  That may be true, but the purchase market is much hotter than the refinance market right now, so mortgage companies should be more opened minded to work purchase leads in addition to their beloved refinance leads.  The fact exists that there are more qualified purchase mortgage applicants than refinance applicants.  Most qualified homeowners have already refinanced to a mortgage with a fixed rate in the 5% range.  Most of the refinance applicants do not qualify for home refinancing because they have no equity or their credit scores are too low.  The Lead Planet recommends buying mortgage leads with filters of a blended mix of both purchase and refinance.  Take a minute and call the Lead Planet at 619-600-5720 and we will show you how to maximize mortgage lead buying opportunities with no obligation.


Online Mortgage Lead Committment

The importance of buying quality mortgage leads that convert cannot be understated.  The days of throwing money at any lead broker online and succeeding are gone.  In fact if you do waste your mortgage marketing dollars like that you will not be in business for long.  If you are a loan officer or mortgage broker there is no getting around that these are tough times for the mortgage industry.  The reality is that the home loan products available carry much tighter guidelines than we have seen in the last twenty years. That means if you are serious about being competitive, you need to buy mortgage leads from a lead generation company that can perform day in and day out.

Shopping online for the best mortgage lender to meet your borrower’s needs is indeed a challenge and that is why the Lead Planet has partnered with experienced mortgage companies that know how to close loans in this market.  If you have purchased 1000′s of leads two in ten will likely convert.  One in twenty is pretty standard these days with most lead companies. The Lead Planet has made a commitment to helping loan companies get better conversion ratios from their online mortgage leads. 

Mortgage lead buying is all about commitment and buying large quantities to get a return.  Buying 100 quality mortgage refinance leads could cost $2,500.00 (100 x 25.00 per lead). If you only get applications on 20% of the leads and close half of those loan prospects you are getting a worthy return on your investment. The key is to set your monthly budget for two to three months at a time. Stick to it and buy all the loan leads you can afford if you have a talented staff and lenders that are ready to fund your loan submissions. One of the most common mistakes companies do is to not buy enough leads or stop the online mortgage lead campaign too quickly.  We are proud of the fact that our clients tell us that our live transfer leads convert better than their other lead companies.


Lead Planet Announces New Free Mortgage Lead Campaign

The Lead Planet Company announced yesterday a new promotion offering free mortgage leads to loan companies looking to buy quality internet leads.  Find out why loan companies continue to come back to the Lead Planet year after year for internet mortgage leads. We are one of the most respected and experienced mortgage marketing companies online that offers real-time mortgage leads, live transfer leads, loan modification leads and debt leads for broker, lenders and mortgage bankers.  For the last decade, we have specialized in internet marketing for the mortgage and finance related industry. 

Take advantage of our summer lead promotion that includes 10 free mortgage leads with every order of 50 or more online mortgage leads. (The promo also includes loan mod and debt settlement leads)   

Jump-start your pipeline with quality loan leads generated exclusively by Lead Planet websites. Call 619-600-5720 or fill out the short form to the right of this article and you will get a free mortgage marketing consultation with no obligation.


Mortgage Marketing Tips

Partnering with a direct source for lead generation that can provide you with quality mortgage leads daily is imperative to compete in today’s challenging mortgage industry. As a mortgage lead generation company with headquarters in San Diego, we are in the mortgage marketing trenches of this California housing crisis.  In addition to selling exclusive mortgage leads in all 50 states, the Lead Planet provides custom web-design and SEO marketing services to promote your website online.

California mortgage lenders and brokers have been on the up and up over the last year as down-sizing and streamlining have been a few keys to mortgage companies staying in business.  Record low California mortgage rates have helped revive the mortgage industry a bit, but mortgage guidelines have tightened to a point of pain.

A recent mortgage marketing study indicated that less than 2 out of 10 loan applicants is getting approved for a home mortgage today.  Subprime and stated income loan programs have vanished.   That means that good credit borrowers who have a mortgage that is greater than their home value will likely have no refinance options. Borrowers who have late payments and bad credit scores should focus on a loan modification, because refinancing is out of the question.  It also means that 90% of self-employed borrowers are scrambling to qualify to meet today’s underwriting requirements.

The Lead Planet understands the challenges of mortgage marketing and we know it is difficult to get good mortgage leads from borrowers who are not only interested but who also have the qualifications to get approved with the current lending standards.  The Lead Planet recommends the following initiatives to maximize mortgage marketing strategies in today’s economic climate.

  1. Partner with a mortgage lead company that generates their own leads.  Avoid buying leads from a lead broker, because you will never know how many times they have been sold and when you actually get an applicant on the phone they will likely been angry because they have bombarded by a 20 mortgage brokers hounding them for their loan business
  2. Try and extend your licensing to multiple states.  Being licensed only in your home state will limit your ability to buy a quantity of good leads.  Mortgage companies that are licensed in 10 or more states have a much greater chance of succeeding because they have a bigger pool of leads to call on.
  3. Expand your loan origination niches.  Even though you love refinances, you need to start selling purchase loans now too because we are in a purchase market.  Refinancing has tight guidelines and 40% of the country has their mortgage underwater.
  4. Add government mortgages to your bag of tricks.  FHA and VA loan programs will provide your loan team more opportunities to fund more loans.

To get a free mortgage marketing consultation, call 888-271-9581.


Cost Effective Marketing with Aged Mortgage Leads

With the expansion of foreclosure prevention and debt relief, the Lead Planet has seen a increased demand for aged mortgage leads. Turn-down leads work very well when using them to sell Loan Modifications, Debt Settlement, Consolidation or Credit Repair. Vintage mortgage leads provide cost effective marketing for many alternative financial companies.  Typically aged leads are 50-60% less expensive than fresh internet mortgage leads

Many successful loan mod companies have been whispering that the best loan modifications leads are aged mortgage leads.  Many loan mod and debt relief firms like buying turn-down leads because they convert well and the sales professional contacting the lead gets to play the role of “Educator” and well as “Problem Solver” and “Sales Person”.  You may be the first person calling them that actually has a solution for this person who has been “turned down.”   YOU not only get to be the sales person providing the solution to the problem, but you also get to be a teacher, an educator.  You provide a solution which, in many cases, the borrower has little to no knowledge even exist.  You know where they are going to turn to next and YOU are already calling them before they hit the search engines looking for your product. You can’t get a better lead than that.”

For more information on aged mortgage leads, call 619-600-5720.


Free Sales Training for Internet Mortgage Lead Management

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The Lead Planet Company announced a new value added service with their mortgage lead generation. In addition to their free lead promotions, the Lead Planet will be offering free sales training to brokers, loan officers and lenders when they purchase 100 or more loan modification, debt settlement or mortgage lead packages. The Deal Maker will train up to 20 loan officers on effective methods for managing internet mortgage leads.  Take advantage of the proven strategies and tips for originating loans from internet leads

Our lead generation company offers both non-exclusive and exclusive mortgage lead programs.  Loan professionals are able to target borrowers that best fit their lending niches. When you open a Lead Planet account, you can set your lead filters by state, loan type, loan amount, LTV and more. 

Call 619-600-5720 to get started.