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New Mortgage Lead Promotion

To roll out the New Year, the Lead Planet announced another free lead promotion for new accounts.  The direct mortgage lead company is offering 10 Free Leads when a company purchases 50 leads or more.  The Lead Planet offers both non-exclusive and exclusive mortgage lead programs.  Brokers and lenders can set up lead filters by state, loan type, loan amount, LTV and more.  Call 619-600-5720 to get free mortgage leads.


Christmas Mortgage Lead Special

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Lead Planet is pleased to announce a new Holiday special for mortgage leads.  your best mortgage marketing source providing quality mortgage leads, loan modification leads and debt leads for broker, lenders and mortgage bankers.  We specialize in the home financing industry for the past 12 years and have become the leader mortgage marketing online in the United States. 

Take advantage of our Christmas lead specials that include 10 free leads with every order of 50 or more internet mortgage leads. Call 619-600-5720 to get started with quality mortgage leads that convert.


Free Mortgage Leads

The Lead Planet Company announced a new mortgage marketing promotion that provides free mortgage leads to loan officers, brokers and lenders nationwide.  The lead generation company rolled out a new lead special for new accounts buying mortgage leads online.  The Lead Planet Company said they will are offering 25 free leads with a new order committing to purchase at least 100 internet mortgage leads.  For mortgage companies looking for a taste of quality leads, the company is also offering 10 free leads for new accounts that buy 50 mortgage leads. 

The Lead Planet National Sales Manager, said, “Free lead incentives help mortgage companies try out a new lead source.”  He continued, “When buying mortgage leads online avoid buying leads from a leads broker because you never know where the leads were generated and how many times they may have already been sold.”  The lead generation team recommends verifying that you are dealing with the direct lead source with a company like Lead Planet.


Mortgage Loan Leads

Mortgage loan leads are resurging again as homeowners and potential homebuyers are gaining more confidence in the mortgage industry.  The government has extended an $8,000 tax credit to first time homebuyers and FHA continues to roll out competitive home loans for both purchase and home refinancing.   Mortgage professionals should take advantage of our high convverting FHA leads.

The Lead Planet is pleased to announce new incentives for buying leads.  If you purchase 100 internet mortgage leads from Lead Planet, they will give you 20 leads for free.  Take advantage of low mortgage rates and new refinance options for bad credit and delinquent homeowners.  The Lead Planet Company offers quality mortgage leads to brokers, mortgage lenders, loan officers and banks.  Call the Deal Maker at 619-600-5720 to learn more about internet mortgage leads that convert!