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HARP Leads in High Demand

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Our phone has been ringing off the hook with marketing managers looking for HARP leads as the US Government approved the Home Affordable Refinance 2.0. More and more loan companies have been requesting high loan to value refinance leads. In the last few years, lenders, brokers and loan officers have stayed away from no equity mortgage leads. It’s no secret that FHA leads have been in high demand and loan companies have been seeking loan to value filters at 96.5% on purchase and rate and refinance and 85% on cash out refinancing. However many lenders have been reported the problem of plummeting property values.

Find Out How HARP Leads Can Enhnace Your Loan Origination in 2012

In 2009 a program called the Home Affordable Refinance was rolled out to borrowers that had underwater mortgages owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.  These were considered 125% loans because they enabled this pool of borrowers to refinance up to twenty-five percent greater than their home’s appraised value. You would think the original HARP mortgage program would have been a huge success, but because of limited insurance available, most lenders passed on the program. Believe it or not the other problem was that 125% was not enough as millions of Americans were sinking in underwater homes.

The Home Affordable Refinance Program 2.0 has no loan to value restrictions so underwater homeowners who have been longing to refinance now have a new opportunity. The Lead Planet is one of the marketing leaders for HARP leads. We have been generating a high volume of home affordable refinance leads that can help jump-start your origination in 2012.

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New Free Mortgage Lead Incentives for Purchase and Refinancing Leads

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The Lead Planet is proud to announce an extension of our Free Mortgage Lead Promotion.  In an effort to help loan companies stimulate their origination in the new year, we have extended the offer for free mortgage leads until January 15th. With mortgage rates falling below 4% on fixed 30-year loans, it’s no surprise that refinance activity continues to rise.  Last week we saw a 12% rise in refinance leads.  Homeowners continue to go online to request help from lenders and brokers to lock into a record low interest rate.

The volume for purchase leads also rose last week as millions of first time home buyers appear ready to join the group of homeowners.  Many renters can save money when buying a home because with 4% home loan interest rates it is very possible to reduce housing expenses.

We are pleased to announce new incentives for new customers who are looking for quality internet mortgage leads from a credible source, like the Lead Planet. If you set up a new account with us buy mortgage leads between now and Januray 15th, you can expect to save money and get more leads for your investment.  We are offering 50 free purchase leads with all 100 lead orders. In addition, we are offering 30 free leads for every 100 refinance leads purchased.

  • Home Purchase Leads
  • Refinancing Leads
  • FHA Leads
  • HARP Leads

Our company has been specializing in internet mortgage marketing since 1999 and we look forward to assisting with lenders and brokers by jump-starting their loan origination throughout the holidays.  National Sales Mgr., said in a recent phone interview, “This is a great opportunity for loan shops to stimulate their activity with our internet leads that convert.”  Call 888-271-9581 to learn more about new incentives or to get started.


LeadsOutlet Chooses the Lead Planet for Mortgage Marketing

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Lead Planet, direct lead generation company that specializes in online mortgage marketing and real-time mortgage leads, announced today a strategic relationship with Leads Outlet, a mortgage lead facilitator that connects loan applicants with lenders across the United States.

After considering several lead generation companies, the LeadsOutlet chose the Lead Planet. According to a spokesman at the Leads Outlet, “After reviewing several proposals from several prominent lead aggregators, we picked the Lead Planet because of their significant market share in the natural search engine rankings. The bottom line is that consumers are finding the Lead Planet’s mortgage websites using the natural algorithm of Bing, Google and Yahoo at a high volume on a regular basis.” They have their mortgage lead generation system wired for optimal success.

The Lead Planet has the ability to refer us thousands of loan applicants daily seamlessly with premiere mortgage lenders that look to earn the borrower’s home financing business. 24 hours a day, loan applicants visit Lead Planet properties online and we are in a position to help the consumers improve their rates and loan terms because of our strong relationships with banks and lending companies nationally.  Consumers who search for popular home loan related terms on the search engines continue to be drawn to the Lead Planet and their contact rate continues to lead the nation as applicants are less harassed because the company does not sell their mortgage leads too many times like many of the competitive lead generation companies do.  If you are a lender or broker and you are interested in mortgage advertising solutions, then you can contact the Lead Planet directly at 888-271-9581


Best Mortgage Lead Generator

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One of the goals of most brokers and lenders is to allign themselves with the best mortgage lead generator on the internet.  Loan professionals like internet mortgage leads because the conversion rates are pretty good and mortgage executives like them because they are cost-effective and easy to access.  Direct mail and TV campaigns take weeks or months to generate leads and there is no room for error, because TV and mail are expensive types of mortgage marketing.

The Lead Planet has been generating mortgage leads online since 1999. 

According to Lead Planet founder, Bryan Dornan, “We have become one of the best mortgage lead generators because we understand the needs and niches of lenders and we operate several hundred mortgage websites that rank high on the search engines.”  Our most popular mortgage lead generation programs are the exclusive mortgage lead packages in which loan companies purchase a block of leads in advance that meet their filters.  As the leads come in the company receives fresh live transfers or online mortgage leads.  We also offer mortgage SEO solutions for companies that need help getting their websites ranked higher.   The Lead Planet is the best way to invest in internet mortgage marketing, so call 619-600-5780 for a free consultation.


Home Loan Leads Activity Up

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Home loan leads rose significantly last week, increasing 14.4% to hit their highest level since May of this year.  According to the Lead Planet weekly lead report, purchase leads have now risen for four of the past five weeks.  Over the past four weeks, the MBA’s Purchase Index has raised an average of 4.0% a week. According to Michael Fratantoni, MBA vice president of Research and Economics, “The increase in home loan leads last week aligns with other incoming data suggesting that consumers are feeling somewhat more confident with their financial situation.”

The activity of refinance leads fell 1.0% for the and are currently at their lowest level since June, despite interest rates that remained relatively stable after a sharp jump the previous week following the Federal Reserve’s announcement that it would purchase $600 billion in Treasury securities to boost the economy.  Refinance leads have been falling over the past month even as home purchase applications rose. Refinance leads are down an average of 4.8% over the past four weeks, despite expectations by many analysts that the recent rise in home loan rates would motivate fence-sitting homeowners to act before rates go any higher.


Mortgage Loan Lead Volumes Jump

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For the third consecutive week, mortgage lead volumes rose.  According to the Lead Planet weekly survey, online mortgage leads increased over 18%.  Refinance leads jumped nearly 20% last week and purchase leads inched up almost 2%.  

According to a Lead Planet spokesman, “As mortgage rates break records, lead volumes rise, because consumers want to save money with a lower interest rate.”  We continue to see significant interest in government home mortgages again this week as FHA leads rose nearly 11% and VA leads increased almost 7%.  Debt and loan modification lead volumes fell nearly 2% from the previous week.  The Federal Reserve announced compensation restrictions for mortgage brokers last week, but as expected the news had little effect on the mortgage lead activity. 

Mortgage Lead Activity Spikes as Interest Rates Drop

The Lead Planet is a direct mortgage lead company that publishes a monthly report measuring lead volumes for home finance, debt and real estate industries.  The internet mortgage marketing company is best known for generating live and leads from their premiere finance websites.  They also posts a weekly mortgage lead report that is derived from the survey of over 1,000 mortgage companies nationwide.


Lead Planet Posts Mortgage Lead Survey

The Lead Planet has been tracking mortgage lead online since 1999.  Each month we publish a mortgage lead survey that researches the mortgage lead generation results from over 1,000 home finance websites in the U.S.  The survey tracks the volume of online loan applications taken by mortgage lenders and bankers. The data gives mortgage companies a view of the consumer demand for home mortgages online.  The Lead Planet introduced the Mortgage Lead Report to act as a gage by measuring internet mortgage leads generated online. 

The Lead Planet Monthly Mortgage Lead Survey Tracks the Following Types of Loan Leads Online:



Internet Mortgage Lead Generation Campaign Improves with SEO

In the monthly mortgage lead generation report, the Lead Planet announced a significant improvement in lead quality from the previous month.  Internet mortgage leads converted over 17% better in June than in May!  Our mortgage clients reported better credit quality and higher conversions on both purchase and refinance leads! A spokesman for Lead Planet said, “As an internet mortgage marketing company we utilized our own search engine marketing strategies to focus on keywords that drove traffic to loan applicants with better credit scores.” 

Our mortgage SEO solutions continue to help our clients in multiple ways because we are able to target specific niches through precise internet mortgage lead generation campaigns.  Whether it’s VA, FHA, conforming or jumbo, the Lead Planet has the ability to significantly increase search engine ranking for most mortgage websites that display original content.

Call 619-600-5720 to get more information on mortgage lead generation, search engine optimization and custom websites that rank high and perform well on Google, Yahoo and Bing.


Refinance Lead Activity Jumps

The good news for mortgage professionals last week was that refinance lead activity rose to its highest level in over a year. Lead Planet chief economist, Kevin Grant announced Friday that refinance applications increased 5.9% to 2116.3. The overall rise in mortgage leads online crept up 6.6% from the previous week. Grant said that this was the most significant increase since May of 2009.” The Mortgage Bankers Association said in their report that the Refinance Index increased 12.6% from the previous week. MBA also indicated that the adjustable-rate mortgage share of activity decreased to 4.7% from 4.9% of total applications from the previous week.

The average mortgage rate for 30-year fixed-rate mortgages fell to 4.67% from 4.75%, with points decreasing to 0.96 from 1.07 for 80% loan-to-value (LTV) ratio loans. This is the lowest 30-year mortgage rate recorded in the survey since the week ending April 24, 2009. The effective interest rate also dropped from last week.

The average mortgage interest rate for 15-year fixed-rate mortgages dropped to 4.06 % from 4.19%, with points decreasing to 0.97 from 1.00 for 80% LTV loans. This is the lowest 15-year mortgage rate ever recorded in the survey. The effective rate also decreased from last week.

The average home loan rate for one-year ARMs was unchanged at 7.05%, with points remaining constant at 0.27 for 80% LTV loans.


Whisperings of Mortgage Professionals – Mortgage Lead News

Home mortgage rates dropped to record lows last week, but many mortgage brokers and lenders were not cheering. With banks offering more affordable home loan rates than ever before, you would think the professionals selling interest rates and finance opportunities would be more excited. First of all mortgage rates have been ridiculously low for several years. Second, the mortgage guidelines have tightened to the point that not that many loan applicants qualify. Mortgage leads have increased slightly over the last few weeks, but most applicants simply do not qualify.

The new finance reform bill comes down hard on loan professionals for misconduct and fraud. Sure some of the requirements for mortgage lending need to change, but fairness seems to be disappearing from the reform bill. Privately many mortgage brokers are concerned that our government is trying to cap their income. Most of us believe that in America, the land and the free that you should not have your government limiting your income. According to BofA mortgage executive, Jeff Moran, “There seems to be two sets of rules —-One for the conventional mortgages and another set of rules for the government backed home loans.” Moran continued, “With our economy and housing sector in such a fragil state, it is imperative that we make industry changes that protect consumers yet do not hinder genuine home financing opportunities that will help people in our economy get back on their feet.

Is it fair that the government that was involved in pushing risky loans to unqualified borrowers should be dictating how much money we should make? The competitive nature of the mortgage business has been the driving force for new lending products and finance opportunities that have helped this great country expand. The notion that our government is implementing restrictions on our industry yet the government mortgage products are exempt from disciplinary repercussions is maddening.

What can you do? Be vocal and get involved with groups like the Mortgage Bankers Association and local groups like California Association of Mortgage Brokers. There are local mortgage associations in every state, so get involved. Partner with mortgage marketing companies like the Lead Planet who will support you with industry news and internet mortgage leads that will help increase your cash flow. Call 619-600-5720 to get more information on new mortgage lending opportunities and online mortgage lead promotions.