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Internet Mortgage Leads and Direct Mail Great Marketing Combo

Consider adding direct mail marketing to your mix of internet mortgage leads.  Direct mail and online mortgage leads make a great team with a balance marketing strategy for mortgage lenders, brokers and loan modification companies. Direct mail drops can’t make your telephones ring every day, so use the internet mortgage leads for the slow days in between mail drops.  The Lead Planet continues to receive excellent feedback from our direct mail campaigns targeting FHA streamline, debt consolidation and loan modification. The mortgage mail returns have been steady all summer, but the direct mailing targeting FHA and VA Streamline has seen phenomenal returns with conversion rates between 7 and 15%.  Our direct mail clients continue to mail and many of the mortgage companies have increased their staff with more loan officers as a result.

Homeowners in the United States have always responded to direct mail campaigns offering lower interest rates, cash out, foreclosure prevention and lower monthly payments. The Lead Planet offers direct mailing services for VA Streamline, FHA streamline, Conforming refinance and loan modification direct mail campaigns.

Direct Mail promotions in September and October will provide incentives like free internet mortgage leads and free websites for mortgage and loan modification companies that are not afraid to commit to a lead generation plan of $15,000 or more mail pieces.  Call 888-271-9581 extension 101 to get more info.


Loan Modification Leads that Convert from Lead Planet

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The mortgage marketing specialist, Lead Planet continues to offer high quality internet and live transfer loan modification leads.  Take advantage of the mortgage marketing for mortgage lenders, brokers and law firms nationwide and we constantly receive positive feedback a daily basis. Our lead generation products and services range from real-time internet leads, call center leads, mortgage late lists, loan modification mailers and much more. Our products and services produce results that create a positive return on your investment.

Client Testimonial: “The Lead Planet has been igniting our loan mod leads for the last year. Each month we sign more loan modifications because their referrals are interested in foreclosure prevention.” Tom Howard – President, Loan Modification Firm


US Mortgage Mod Announces Loan Modification Services to Assist Homeowners with President Obama’s Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan

By · February 24, 2009 · Filed in Lead Generation News, Loan Modification News · Comments Off recently published a press release that reported loan modification plans announced by President Obama in an effort to assist up to 9 million homeowners restructure or refinance their mortgages to avoid foreclosure. US Mortgage Mod, LLC Of Philadelphia will be leading the way, as a nationwide loan modification lead company that the industry in preserving home ownership.  They teamed up with the Obama administration in the fight to keep every homeowner where they belong, in their owner-occupied properties.

“By making these investments in foreclosure prevention today, we will save ourselves the costs of foreclosure tomorrow — costs borne not just by families with troubled mortgage loans, but by their neighbors and communities with our economy as a whole,” Obama said.

The Lead Planet brings loan representative together with distressed homeowners seeking quick loan relief solutions from financing professionals.  Close more loan modification agreements with live transfer loan modification leads or lead generation from voice broadcasting. Talk with an experienced account manager and get started. Call 877-788-8463 or visit us online at Mortgage Lead


Lead Management Companies Integrate Dialing Solutions

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Loan professionals have been quickly adopting the latest on-demand software solutions to improve their sales effectiveness. Five9, the leader in on-demand call center software, and Leads360, the leader in on-demand sales lead management software, formally announced their completed integration today. Leads360 and Five9 now work seamlessly together to underpin the most sophisticated, proven, and effective sales approaches in a variety of industries including insurance sales, mortgage, debt settlement, mortgage modification and more. “As we began to accumulate mutual clients, we decided to collaborate with Five9 to create a superior level of integration,” said Dan Morefield, CEO of Leads360. “After seeing the final result of our integration, I have no doubt that we have created the most powerful and user-friendly sales solution on the market.”

The Lead Planet provides real-time mortgage and loan modification leads for homeowners looking to prevent a foreclosure. Call   877-788-8463   or visit us online at or purchase Live Transfer Mortgage Leads online.

In the past, the cost of purchasing and integrating predictive dialer technology and lead management software was something that required a lot of up-front capital investment in premise-based software and hardware, and long implementation cycles. This forced many mortgage companies, insurance agencies, and other B2C sales businesses to rely on ineffective manual processes. “Five9 and Leads360 have partnered to create an affordable and effective integrated sales solution that has proven to drastically increase the effectiveness of sales agents,” said Mike Burkland, CEO of Five9. “It’s nearly impossible for an inbound or outbound B2C sales team to survive without implementing these technologies and implementing them in an integrated and synchronized way.”  Read the complete story online >