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Evaluating Mortgage Lead Quality

One of the most important tracking measures for mortgage leads is to evaluate the lead quality.  It is imperative that every month you reflect on the lead quality for the mortgage leads you purchased.  Ask yourself these questions when tracking lead quality:

1.  What was the contact rate for these purchased leads?

2.  What was the qualification rate for these mortgage leads?

3.  How many leads turned into loans in process?

4.  Did I fund loans from these leads?

Not all leads will work.  Good looking mortgage leads can be bunk and poor looking leads can turn into a closed loan.  According to mortgage broker, Matt Henry, “Lead Planet more than any other lead company addresses small lenders’ primary need of funding more loans.”


Live Transfer Mortgage Leads Convert Better

Good mortgage leads are more of a commodity than ever.  The mortgage lending guidelines have tightened significantly and property values have diminished, so qualifying leads is more challenging than ever.  Stated income loans and bad credit mortgages have become a thing of the past.  Live transfer mortgage leads which are also referred to as, hot transfer leads occur when a lead generation firm transfers a phone call with a potential borrower to a mortgage professional. In most cases, loan officers spend too much of their time dialing out on unqualified mortgage leads, or calls that result in messages on answering machines. 

Since live prospects are qualified by the lead generation company, conversion rates are higher. The cost for live transfer leads vary by state and vary by how the live mortgage lead was generated.  For example a live transfer that came from a telemarketing lead will cost significantly less than a live transfer from a radio or television advertisement.  Call 619-600-5720 to learn more how the Lead Planet can make your phone ring.


3 Effective Ways to Buy Internet Mortgage Leads

Buying mortgage leads online can be a daunting task for marketing managers, loan officers and mortgage company owners.  When shopping for internet mortgage leads, there are a few important factors to consider.  Don’t get fixated on cheap leads and the cost of mortgage leads.  At the end of the day, the cost to fund a loan is the only thing that matters.  Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.  Consider several mortgage marketing companies.  Whether choosing between FHA mortgage leads or refinance leads, make sure you set up filers for State and loan type. 

  1. Buy Mortgage Leads from a Direct Lead Provider
  2. Compare the Cost of Funding Ratio rather than Cost of Mortgage Leads.
  3. Buy Mortgage Leads from Multiple Sources online.


Mortgage Loan Leads

Mortgage loan leads are resurging again as homeowners and potential homebuyers are gaining more confidence in the mortgage industry.  The government has extended an $8,000 tax credit to first time homebuyers and FHA continues to roll out competitive home loans for both purchase and home refinancing.   Mortgage professionals should take advantage of our high convverting FHA leads.

The Lead Planet is pleased to announce new incentives for buying leads.  If you purchase 100 internet mortgage leads from Lead Planet, they will give you 20 leads for free.  Take advantage of low mortgage rates and new refinance options for bad credit and delinquent homeowners.  The Lead Planet Company offers quality mortgage leads to brokers, mortgage lenders, loan officers and banks.  Call the Deal Maker at 619-600-5720 to learn more about internet mortgage leads that convert!


Mortgage Lead Podcast

Lead Planet posted “Mortgage Lead Talk, volume 7 with their series on VA and FHA leads with their mortgage marketing podcast on August 31, 2009.  FHA leads continue to be the most popular leads in 2009.  As far as mortgage lead generation goes, FHA leads make up for 60% of the mortgage leads generated so far this year. Homeowners and first time homebuyers like the flexible guidelines that HUD extends with government insured FHA loan for home refinancing and new home purchase requirements since the subprime mortgage debacle. 

Listen to Mortgage Lead Podcast “FHA & VA Leads”

FHA Lead buyers can choose from the following leads:

Ø  Cash Out Refinance Leads

Ø  FHA Streamline Leads

Ø  FHA Purchase Leads

VA leads have been increasing in popularity with brokers and lenders across the U.S. because the licensing is easier for mortgage brokers and VA offer the only true 100% home loan that requires no money down.  VA Streamline leads are also popular as rates have reached all-time low for veterans, so refinancing is the natural money saving process for VA homeowners. 

Ø  First Time Homebuyer Leads

Ø  100% No Money-Down Loan Leads

Ø  VA Streamline Leads

The Lead Planet also recommends adding loan modification leads to your order. Visit us or blog online at for buying quality internet mortgage leads.