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Mortgage Loan Lead Volumes Jump

By · August 23, 2010 · Filed in Lead Generation News, Lead Planet News, Monthly Mortgage Lead Survey · Comments Off

For the third consecutive week, mortgage lead volumes rose.  According to the Lead Planet weekly survey, online mortgage leads increased over 18%.  Refinance leads jumped nearly 20% last week and purchase leads inched up almost 2%.  

According to a Lead Planet spokesman, “As mortgage rates break records, lead volumes rise, because consumers want to save money with a lower interest rate.”  We continue to see significant interest in government home mortgages again this week as FHA leads rose nearly 11% and VA leads increased almost 7%.  Debt and loan modification lead volumes fell nearly 2% from the previous week.  The Federal Reserve announced compensation restrictions for mortgage brokers last week, but as expected the news had little effect on the mortgage lead activity. 

Mortgage Lead Activity Spikes as Interest Rates Drop

The Lead Planet is a direct mortgage lead company that publishes a monthly report measuring lead volumes for home finance, debt and real estate industries.  The internet mortgage marketing company is best known for generating live and leads from their premiere finance websites.  They also posts a weekly mortgage lead report that is derived from the survey of over 1,000 mortgage companies nationwide.


Lead Planet Posts Mortgage Lead Survey

The Lead Planet has been tracking mortgage lead online since 1999.  Each month we publish a mortgage lead survey that researches the mortgage lead generation results from over 1,000 home finance websites in the U.S.  The survey tracks the volume of online loan applications taken by mortgage lenders and bankers. The data gives mortgage companies a view of the consumer demand for home mortgages online.  The Lead Planet introduced the Mortgage Lead Report to act as a gage by measuring internet mortgage leads generated online. 

The Lead Planet Monthly Mortgage Lead Survey Tracks the Following Types of Loan Leads Online: