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Mortgage Lead Podcast

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Mortgage lead activity continues to increase, as compared to the previous month.  Interest rates are higher, but loan applicants are back online seeking home loans.  Refinance leads are up nearly 2% and purchase lead volumes are up 9.6% from December.  FHA leads continue to be the most requested lead type.

Listen to the Lead Planet Mortgage Lead Podcast below:


Mortgage Lead Podcast

Lead Planet posted “Mortgage Lead Talk, volume 7 with their series on VA and FHA leads with their mortgage marketing podcast on August 31, 2009.  FHA leads continue to be the most popular leads in 2009.  As far as mortgage lead generation goes, FHA leads make up for 60% of the mortgage leads generated so far this year. Homeowners and first time homebuyers like the flexible guidelines that HUD extends with government insured FHA loan for home refinancing and new home purchase requirements since the subprime mortgage debacle. 

Listen to Mortgage Lead Podcast “FHA & VA Leads”

FHA Lead buyers can choose from the following leads:

Ø  Cash Out Refinance Leads

Ø  FHA Streamline Leads

Ø  FHA Purchase Leads

VA leads have been increasing in popularity with brokers and lenders across the U.S. because the licensing is easier for mortgage brokers and VA offer the only true 100% home loan that requires no money down.  VA Streamline leads are also popular as rates have reached all-time low for veterans, so refinancing is the natural money saving process for VA homeowners. 

Ø  First Time Homebuyer Leads

Ø  100% No Money-Down Loan Leads

Ø  VA Streamline Leads

The Lead Planet also recommends adding loan modification leads to your order. Visit us or blog online at for buying quality internet mortgage leads.