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Purchase Lead Options Surge Mortgage Marketing Online

Brokers and lenders across the country have shifted their focus to purchase mortgages in 2011.  In an effort to meet the growing demand of purchase leads, the Lead Planet has increased their lead generation campaigns online to connect home buying prospects with loan professionals.  More an more renters are looking for purchase mortgages.

We have increased the purchase lead volume 13% this year and our team will continue to produce quality internet mortgage leads.  As one of the fastest growing mortgage lead generators, we pride ourselves in matching interested loan applicants with competitive lenders and brokers.

Choose from the following home loan lead types:

  • First Time Home Buyer Leads
  • FHA Mortgage Leads
  • VA Home Loan Leads
  • Conventional Mortgage Leads
  • Jumbo Loan Leads

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Home Loan Leads Activity Up

By · November 26, 2010 · Filed in Lead Planet News, Mortgage Lead News, Purchase Leads, Refinance Leads · Comments Off

Home loan leads rose significantly last week, increasing 14.4% to hit their highest level since May of this year.  According to the Lead Planet weekly lead report, purchase leads have now risen for four of the past five weeks.  Over the past four weeks, the MBA’s Purchase Index has raised an average of 4.0% a week. According to Michael Fratantoni, MBA vice president of Research and Economics, “The increase in home loan leads last week aligns with other incoming data suggesting that consumers are feeling somewhat more confident with their financial situation.”

The activity of refinance leads fell 1.0% for the and are currently at their lowest level since June, despite interest rates that remained relatively stable after a sharp jump the previous week following the Federal Reserve’s announcement that it would purchase $600 billion in Treasury securities to boost the economy.  Refinance leads have been falling over the past month even as home purchase applications rose. Refinance leads are down an average of 4.8% over the past four weeks, despite expectations by many analysts that the recent rise in home loan rates would motivate fence-sitting homeowners to act before rates go any higher.


Originate More Loans Buying Purchase and Refinance Leads

I noticed that we have been getting a lot of inquiries for mortgage refinance leads lately.  That is not unusual, because traditional mortgage shops who have been buying internet mortgage leads for years like refinance leads.  That is what they have been originating when rates were higher and that is what they originate today as the interest rates have fallen to record low levels.  No one will argue that low rates are a good time, but refinance guidelines have been tightened more in the last three years than ever before.  A few years ago, millions of borrowers bought their home with a stated income loan, but today lenders are not offering stated income loans so most of these loan applicants are turned down when trying to refinance their mortgage.  Clearly the pool of qualified refinance applicants has shrunk so in most cases loan companies will have to buy more refinance leads to get a qualified borrower. This means higher credit report bills and an increased investment for mortgage marketing. 

Direct mail costs have risen and the return rates have been lower as well.  Many loan companies are surviving with internet mortgage leads, but the companies that seem to be funding the most loans every month are the shops that are buying both purchase and refinance leads.  Many loan officers say they don’t like home purchase leads as much because the prospects are not always ready to buy a home.  That may be true, but the purchase market is much hotter than the refinance market right now, so mortgage companies should be more opened minded to work purchase leads in addition to their beloved refinance leads.  The fact exists that there are more qualified purchase mortgage applicants than refinance applicants.  Most qualified homeowners have already refinanced to a mortgage with a fixed rate in the 5% range.  Most of the refinance applicants do not qualify for home refinancing because they have no equity or their credit scores are too low.  The Lead Planet recommends buying mortgage leads with filters of a blended mix of both purchase and refinance.  Take a minute and call the Lead Planet at 619-600-5720 and we will show you how to maximize mortgage lead buying opportunities with no obligation.