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Social Media Marketing for Mortgage Companies

Good mortgage companies are always looking for new weapons to add to their mortgage marketing arsenals.  Social media marketing has increased in popularity amongst mortgage lenders and brokers.  If done properly it can help them generate local mortgage leads and referrals.  Social media marketing is also a great way to maximize online reputation management.  The buzz for social media marketing has been increasing over the past few years. Unfortunately, most lenders, brokers and loan officers have been slow to get up to speed with online marketing.  Brand awareness is essential in today’s competitive mortgage market, so take advantage of the marketing tools that Twitter, Facebook and YouTube provide.

Maximize Your Image Online with Social Media Marketing

  • Twitter – great social media site for posting articles and news.  (Think new hires, new loan programs etc.)
  • Facebook – very popular social marketing site that can help with reputation management and mortgage lead generation
  • Stumble Upon – This social bookmarking website is a great way to promote your articles and webpages within the blogging community

As an added value service, the Lead Planet offers online marketing services like social media marketing for mortgage companies.  Our internet marketing team offers mortgage SEO, custom websites and social media marketing to help bolster the image and reputation of your mortgage company image online.  Our clients enjoy improved visibility online and many report generating solid mortgage leads from Facebook on a regular basis.