Debt Leads

Lead Planet is a lead generation company that specializes in a variety of debt leads. We offer a variety of high quality debt leads like:  debt settlement leads, credit card settlement leads, debt negotiation leads, debt consolidation leads, credit repair leads, FHA mortgage leads and loan modification leads nationwide.  As a direct debt lead company we understand the value of a quality lead.

Watch this debt lead video that highlights the opportunities for mortgage brokers and loan modification companies to purchase real-time internet, live transfer and direct mail leads from the lead generation experts at the Lead Planet. Lead buyers can choose from exclusive online leads to click to call leads that connect motivated borrowers directly with the loan officers, lenders or mortgage brokers.

Listen to Lead Planet Founder, Bryan Dornan as he discusses the opportunity for sales people to add a new revenue stream to their business while helping consumers eliminate high rate credit card debt. Lead buyers can choose from real-time internet leads or live transfer leads that connect consumers directly with a debt advisor or broker. Visit us online at the Lead