Internet Leads

Most financial companies like internet leads because they are cost-effective and they convert well.  Even finance companies that do TV and radio advertising like to utilize internet leads during their down-time. The Lead Planet is an internet lead generation company that employs their proprietary technology that generates leads from their exclusive websites through organic search engine optimization techniques.  For example, when a loan applicant applies online for mortgage they type keywords into the search engines like “mortgage refinance loans” and one of the Lead Planet websites’ will usually come up on the first page and invite the consumer to receive a loan quote at no cost from top-rated lenders.  Once the loan applicant completes the form online, a real-time mortgage lead is generated and distributed the lending companies that meat that lead’s filters.

Choose from the following internet lead types: 

  • Internet Debt Leads
  • Internet Mortgage Leads
  • Internet Loan Modification Leads
  • Online Credit Repair Leads
  • Live FHA Leads
  • VA Leads
  • Hot Transfer Leads
  • Click to Call Leads


 Internet Leads