Live Mortgage Leads

The fact is that loan officers have a higher conversion rate on live mortgage leads .  Imagine being a loan officer and being connected with a borrowers while they are shopping for a loan online.  Now imagine being a borrower and being connected with a loan officer at the time you are actully doing research to get a new home loan or refinance.  Live mortgage leads just make sense.  The Lead Planet has been delivering live mortgage leads and live transfer mortgage leads since 1999.

  •         Live Transfer Leads
  •         Live Refinance Leads
  •         Live Conventional leads
  •         Live Jumbo Leads
  •         Live Subprime Leads
  •         Live Home Equity Leads
  •         Live Debt Leads

Real-Time Mortgage Leads: These are leads that are delivered to you within minutes of the time the applicant completed an application online.  The conversion rate on these home loan leads is very high because the borrower is typically motivated. In most cases, you would be calling them at a time when they are thinking about a mortgage and connecting with them at that moment only makes sense.

Live Transfer Mortgage Leads: These are live mortgage leads that connect a borrower with a loan officer instantly by telephone.  When an applicant applies online the live transfer system call the applicant and once they get them on the line, they ring the mortgage company and connect them with available loan professionals.