Subprime Mortgage Leads

A few years back, subprime mortgage leads were the talk of the town.  There was an endless supply of subprime leads and they converted very well because loan guidelines were extremely loose.  As the foreclosure crisis took it’s toll on the industry, banks repealed their subprime programs.  At this point, lenders and brokers had little need for subprime mortgage leads because of the tighter loan guidelines that eliminated 100% no money down home loans and bad credit refinance products.Call Lead Planet at 619-600-5720 to Learn More about Using Subprime leads to Increase Loan Modification Production

As the foreclosure prevention industry exploded in 2008, more and more loan brokers converted their subprime mortgage shops and started selling loan modifications.  The Lead Planet offers a variety of loan modification leads.  Many companies succeed with buying subprime leads and mortgage turn-down leads, because these borrowers are often the best loan modification candidates.