Mortgage Lead Tips

Buying internet mortgage leads can be an exhausting experience that can make your loan company more money or cost it money for failing to preform.  Various people get put in charge of purchasing  mortgage leads; Office managers, loan officers and quite often the owners of the mortgage company. Take advantage of our mortgage lead buying insight and get signed up for qualified loan leads.  The Lead Planet is one of the rare internet mortgage marketing companies that truly generates all of their leads online organically.

When comparing mortgage lead companies, there are a several key factors to consider.  Don’t get fixated on cheap leads and the cost of mortgage leads.  At the end of the day, the cost to fund a loan is the only thing that matters.  Don’t trust all of your marketing dollars to one source.  Whether choosing between refinance leads, purchase leads or FHA leads verify that you have filers set up at least for State, Loan Type and Credit. 

  1. Purchase Mortgage Loan Leads from a Direct Lead Generation Company (Avoid Lead Brokers who are buying the leads from another source)
  2. Purchase Mortgage Leads from Multiple Sources online.
  3. Compare the Cost of Funding Ratio rather than Cost of Mortgage Leads.

The Lead Planet is a premiere mortgage marketing company that generates 100% of their own mortgage leads.  Take advantage of our quality leads and high conversion rates and call 619-600-5720 to get started.