Direct Mail Mortgage Leads

If you are not getting enough quality mortgage leads online, consider adding direct mail to your mortgage marketing campaigns.  Direct mail and internet mortgage leads work great together, because the internet leads are perfect for days in between mail drops.  We are getting very positive feedback from our FHA direct mail campaigns targeting FHA streamline refinancing. The mortgage mail returns have been steady all summer, but the direct mailing targeting FHA and VA Streamline has seen phenomenal returns with conversion rates between 7 and 15%.  Our direct mail mortgage clients continue to mail and many of the mortgage companies have increased their staff with more loan officers as a result.

When considering the overall return on investment for marketing, direct mail is still the best way to raise your high commission fundings.  Homeowners in the United States continue to respond to direct mail marketing for mortgage refinancing offers.  The Lead Planet provides data and direct mail services for FHA streamline, VA Streamline, Conventional refinancing and loan modification mailers.

Stop waiting for Obama to bail out your mortgage shop and invest in lead generation services that produce quality leads from interested borrowers. The mortgage market is turning around so make the move to Lead Planet for mortgage marketing that gets results.   Direct Mail promotions in September and October will provide incentives like free internet mortgage leads and free websites for mortgage and loan modification companies that are not afraid to commit to a lead generation plan of $15,000 or more mail pieces.  Call 888-271-9581 extension 101 to get more info.