Mortgage Lead Options

Today there are a variety of internet mortgage leads that are available to mortgage companies.  Any loan professional will tell you that live mortgage leads can make or break you. The Lead Planet has been offering mortgage marketing services since 1999. Consider some of the mortgage lead options below:

Real-Time Mortgage Leads: These are leads that are delivered to you within minutes of the time the applicant completed an application online.  The conversion rate on these mortgage leads is very high because the prospect is usually very motivated and you are calling them at a time when they are thinking about speaking with a loan professional.

Live Transfer Mortgage Leads: These are live leads that connect a prospect with your loan officers directly by phone.  When an applicant applies online the live transfer system call the applicant and once they get them on the line, they ring the mortgage company and connect them with available loan professionals.  Be leery of buying live transfers from a telemarketing company because the quality is not the same.  You never know what the telemarketer has said to the applicant to get them on the phone.

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o    Conventional leads

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Internet Leads

Non-exclusive Mortgage Leads: The mortgage leads are sold semi exclusive and that means that the Lead Planet generates the lead online and then sells the lead to 1-3 loan companies. Be careful because our competition has been known to sell the non-exclusive leads to ten different mortgage companies.  This is a recipe for disaster because the prospects typically become angry as they never intended to be bombarded by 10 different loan companies.

Exclusive Mortgage Leads:  These are quality leads that are only sold one time to one loan company. These exclusive mortgage leads typically cost twice as much as non-exclusive leads, but some lenders see good results.

Aged Mortgage Leads:  These vintage leads that are anywhere from 7 days 90-days year old. Loan companies like these leads because they can buy leads at a significant discount if buying them in bulk.  In 2010 we have seen a trend of loan modification companies do really well with aged mortgage leads.