Refinance Leads

Most loan companies continue to buy refinance leads even though the market has evolved into a homebuyers market.  Lenders and brokers like buying refinance leads because they know what to expect, as borrowers understand the loan process and usually the sense of urgency is obvious.  Most homeowners need to refinance because they are able to reduce their mortgage payment when refinancing to a lower interest rate. 

Cost-Effective Refinance Leads that Convert

o    FHA Refinance Leads

o    VA Refinance Leads

o    Conventional Refinance leads

o    Jumbo Refinance Leads

Internet Leads

Another reason loan companies continue to buy mortgage refinance leads is because they convert pretty well.  In most cases, the sales cycle is shorter with refinancing versus home buying, so loan professionals like to refinance a borrower and then move on.  Mortgage rates dipped to a record level in 2010, so the demand for refinance leads has risen again. 

The Lead Planet offers non-exclusive and exclusive refinance leads to lenders and brokers nationally.  We understand the challenges that loan officers face in this era and our lead generation strategies continue to evolve in an effort to meet the lending niches and improve the lead quality.  We generate all of the internet mortgage leads directly extened the Lead Planet Guarantee with all leads sold. and Call 619-600-5720 to get started.