VA Leads

Lead Planet provides exclusive VA leads which were internet generated from our proprietary websites. If you are a VA lender or broker then you know how valuable live VA leads are to your success originating loans.  We operate a handful of highly ranked VA mortgage websites, in addition to our strategic advertising endeavors that match veterans who are interested in refinancing or buying a home with a competitive VA lender. 

Try Our Exclusive VA Lead Program and Close More Loans

The Lead Planet provides qualifty VA mortgage leads and we educate VA loan applicants by providing necessary VA loan program info.  Veterans qualify for VA benefits and the Veteran’s Affair Dept. insures the borrower receives loan disclosures so they understand the VA home loan process.

Our government lead generation division offers VA mortgage leads in all 50 states. We generate VA home loan Leads nationally continue to be in high demand because the borrower have good income and it’s the last 100% loan program.

VA Mortgage Leads Filters:

  • Loan Amount
  • Loan Type: Refinance, Streamline, Purchase
  • Credit: Poor, Fair, Good to Excellent
  • State
  • Loan to Value